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To aid in the stopping senseless violence. To uplift our communities with pride and integrity.


It takes a village to raise a child but the village can only save itself.

One Day, The Unthinkable Happened.

“The Murder of My Son William, Was The Impetus to Start The Black Male Commmunity Council”

Stanley Crawford, Founder, CEO

In 2018, Philadelphia’s homicide rate was the highest in over a decade. There were 1,376 shootings and 351 murders. Fatal shootings have already increased by 7.41% from last year. Of the 130 victims thus far, 108 were Black. The City of Philadelphia has declared violence a public health crisis. Our political, religious, community leaders, and law enforcement have all called for a cease-fire to halt city shootings. Communities gather for candlelight vigils to mourn the loss and support the family and friends of the murder victims. They call for the violence to end; they pledge to keep the memories of the deceased alive, they memorialize the murder scenes with candles, teddy bears, sneakers, and flowers – And repeat!

Stanley Crawford, organizer, and president of The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia became the surviving parent of a homicide victim, when his son, William Aboaje Samir Crawford was murdered on the streets of Philadelphia. Determined not to allow grief to paralyze him, Stanley presented a call-to-action for Philadelphia’s Black men. His crowdsourcing efforts yielded a coalition of 50 African American males, whose community leadership and activism span decades and is multi-generational. These men bring various levels of expertise and diverse experiences. Faith-based organizations, social service organizations, law enforcement, community leaders and other community stakeholders make up the membership of B.M.C.C.P.

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Mr. Stanley Crawford

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Add your talents to our team. Get online, get connected and get involved. Put your skills into action. Change the world. Share knowledge and experiences with other passionate leaders. 



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Set team goals for your place of work, worship or study. Support BMCCP throughout your community and encourage others to get involved.



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The problems are growing, but so are the number of people fighting back. Corporate sponsorships and corporate donations can and do help everyone to reach our goals. Find out how you can help.


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What We Believe

The Goal

The Goal of The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia is to transform hot-spots  into peaceful, clean and safe environments for the women, children, and senior citizens to live. 

Our organization will foster strong community engagement and reduce violence in targeted areas of the city.

Our Vision

Recognizing the socioeconomic challenges and complexities of Philadelphia neighborhoods, B.M.C.C.P. has established five committees to implement strategies that will stabilize five identified “hotspots,” or high-crime targeted areas of the city by engaging 500 Black Men as Community Partners of B.M.C.C.P.

Our Mission

The MISSION of The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia is to Unite as black men to provide a clean, safe and secure environment for the women, children, and elders of our communities through membership and leadership that will embrace our neighborhoods with their presence and resources to uplift and empower targeted areas of Philadelphia.

You want to become a


The Black Male Community Council will continue enacting Phase one of comprehensive plan to uplift and rebuild target hot spot areas in Philadelphia’s inner city. To put your “Boots on the Ground” click below for more details.


To transform hotspots in Philadelphia neighborhoods into peaceful, clean and safe environments for the
women, children, and senior citizens to live. We will facilitate collaborative partnerships between
community stakeholders, law enforcement, religious and political leadership to foster strong community
engagement and reduce violence in targeted areas of the city. 

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