Frentzie Glover

Dr. Frentzie Glover - Executive Administrator

Dr.Glover is the interim Fiscal Officer for the Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia. Frentzie Glover has 30 years of fiscal and executive administration/management experience. She worked as a Chief Financial Officer for Bainbridge Group, Inc and Friends of Jesus Ministries Inc. She worked as a Supervisory Psychologist for the United States Army in West Germany, and served as Director, of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center (CSAT), at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA. Frentzie worked as Director of Family and Adolescent Outpatient Services for the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. Frentzie was a management consultant to the City of Philadelphia’s managed care organization, Community Behavioral Health (CBH) and to the City of Philadelphia’s Coordinating Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs (CODAAP). 

She provided clinical/management consultation to major Drug and Alcohol Treatment & Prevention facilities in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, and New Jersey. Dr.Glover sits on the Board of Directors for the Philadelphia Employee Assistance Project, Inc. and Esther Cares, Inc. and ASAC Services Systems Assessment. Additionally, Frentzie has twenty years teaching experience. She was a Trainer for the Target Cities Project and an Adjunct lecturer for the University of Maryland, City Colleges of Chicago, and Temple University. Frentzie presented at the two International Conference for the American Academy of Adolescent and Child Psychiatry. She also presented at the Eleventh National Conference of Child Abuse and Neglect. Frentzie is a qualified PREP Instructor as well as a qualified CPREP Instructor. She has experience using FOCUS and REFOCUS inventories and is an experienced, and certified couples and marriage therapist. Frentzie was co-principal Investigator, of a multi-site study of the Effectiveness of Treatment for Cannabis Dependent Youth funded by CSAT/SAMSHA. She developed a Group Treatment Assessment Battery/ Inventory, Treatment Trial Designs, and Therapist Adherence scales. She supervised all personnel involved in the development of the Treatment manuals, planned, and coordinated the Therapist training, and supervised the collection, analysis, and interpretation of the Group Process data. She provides infra-structure development, program evaluation and surveys for faith-based institutes, non-profit & grass-root organizations, and small to midsize businesses. Frentzie has a doctorate degree in Educational Psychology, a master’s degree in Counseling and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Temple University,

Community Vision Project

THE BLACK MALE COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF PHILADELPHIA TRUSTED SERVANTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY Community Vision Project Concept The concept for the Community Vision Project is to create a virtual video media campaign that will produce provocative and substantive videos from people of African decent.  This is an opportunity to create

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PLEDGE OF VALUES I Pledge to join together as a family, community and race. I Pledge to be responsible for our collective future. I Pledge to build our communities together and solve any problems as a group. I Pledge that our community will build and profit from its own businesses.

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Stakeholders Letter

Dear Community Stakeholders, This letter is a formal invitation to our “Boots on the Ground” 1st 90-day report and recommendations forum of the Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia. The forum will take place Thursday, September 12, 2019, Time 6:00pm at Triumph Baptist Church, Located at Germantown and Huntington Park

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