Philadelphia Community Activities Fund


October 2019 To June 2020

The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia would like to take this opportunity to thank Councilwoman Cindy Bass for her support in providing a Philadelphia Activity grant to our organization. The activities fund grant allowed our organization to grow in a variety of areas, To the extent that the Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia has its own office at 5520 Wayne Ave.

The following represent the areas, projects, and demographics the activities grant supported:

  • Areas of development
  1. Office space
  2. Board development
  • Projects
  1. Boots on the ground clean up
  2. Food distribution program
  3. Unsolved murders project
  • Demographics served for BMCCP community clean up
  1. Nice Town area -Broad and Wingohocking To Wingohocking and Windrum 4400 And 4500 it all the streets in between
  2. North Central -16th at Susquehanna Ave to 22nd at Susquehanna Ave 16th and dolphin to 22nd and dolphin -2200 and 2300 and all the streets in between
  3. North Central East of Broad Street -12 in Cumberland street to12 and Cambria St -11th and Cumberland street to 11th and Cambria St -2400 and 2500 and all the streets in between
  • Benchmarks Achieved

The BMCCP set our own benchmarks of program completion in the areas of days and hrs., number of residents effected. The following are benchmarks achieved:

  1. 72 Days of Activity
  2. 288 hrs. weekly based on number of men in each community served
  3. 3500 hrs. spent in total service of 90-day campaign
  4. 3000 Philadelphia residents affected

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic BMCCP has continued our projects and programs to support our community. This could not have been done without the support from the activities grant and other city resources that we have been able to receive from the city and our councilperson.

The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia again would like to thank you for your support.


Stanley Crawford President and CEO

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