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(Inner City Emergency Response Team)

1st Responders


The Philadelphia ICERT1stResponders is an innovative strategic health and public safety unit created to prevent the spread of the CORONA19 virus and to minimize incidents of violence in urban communities. Philadelphia ICERT provides an easy and effective method for Philadelphia health, law enforcement, and community basedorganizations, community stake holders and other community professionalsto identify communities who are at the highest risk of being exposed to the virus

TheICERT1stResponders is a multi-pronged early intervention prevention initiative that consists of a standardized, evidence-based community assessment instrument and accompanying referral protocol that helps ICERT1stResponders tailor their actions to the unique circumstances of high-riskcatchment areas.

  • The program provides an immediate, consistent and proportional response to CORONA 19 and anti-violence protocol and how to manage designated areasthat are reported to city health and law enforcement agencies. Public health research indicates that community responses to the CORONA 19 and violence are most effective when they are immediate, consistent and proportional.
  • The program relies on a lethality assessment tool that’s been tested through research and further evaluated in the field in Philadelphia and other states.

Communities and especially at risk communities are more likely to make use of resources to increase their safety if they are reached at the time when they are forced contemplating a change in their overall life style. Programs that use this strategy combine service coordination, partnership between police and the community, suppression of at-risk activity through coordinated neighborhood mobilization, enforcement and prosecution, and job training for Targeted residence in a catchment area.

The integrated strategies’ chief goal is to reduce violent crime and all around d negative behaviors. Police, probation personnel, and prosecutors share information about violent activity, diffuse crises that arise from drug activity and neighborhood conflict, and refer at-risk individuals to community-based services. Street outreach through community organizations and community stake holders supplements partnerships among agencies to make well-integrated services available to designated individuals. Prevention efforts include job training and placement, recreation at safe locations, and mobilization of neighborhood residents and police in identifying community resources.

Key Partnerships

For the strategy to succeed, law enforcement, heath agencies and organizations and CBOs must work together to suppress the spread of the CORONA 19 virus due to negativesocial activity by not practicing social distancing and allowing unadvised community contacts. Also, police, local agencies, and community-based resources must work together to support intervention activities in the designated catchment

A unique collaboration is required betweenICERT Philadelphia,Philadelphia health organizations, community, law enforcement and anti- violence specialist for positive measurable outcomes. AllICERT1stresponders and anti- violence specialists are trained to use a consistent protocol with every domestic violence call. The program can also be expanded to other boots-on-the ground CBOs to address this and other health and public safety community issues requiring community outreach and hands on interventions.

Probable Roads to Success

ICERT Philadelphia and committed grass root and community stakeholders will work closely  community agencies, churches,neighbors, that’s committed and want positive change for the communities they live in. The Project will focus on designated at-risk communities. The program’s primary goal is to reduce the percentage of individuals that will be affected by the CORONA 19 virus.  The project team will meet weekly to share information about strategy, discuss interventions in, and engageeffective strategies. Streets out-reach workers will concentrate on building relationships with the community and establish best practices.


  1. ICERT will provide Boots on the ground to decrease the 49 percentage of the black community that are not adhering to social distancing and causing thefurther spread of the virus.
  2. ICERT are a total of 30 responders in 5 teams, 6 members to a team. These teams have been organized by the Black Male Community Council and 10,000 Fearless. The messaging will be shared in slogans and themes that are relatable to our community.ICERT focus is to bring the message of how serious Corona 19 is to our community. The targeted aeras are food distribution stations, drug and alcohol centers, inner city watering holes for illicit behavior, PHA housing.
  • ICERT will be scheduled for 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, Monday thru Saturday.
  1. ICERT administrative team (Philadelphia Juneteenth Family Inc.) will provide scheduling for targeted aeras, mapping of those aeras and the demographics. They will also collect data for outcome reports and document activities.
  2. ICERT will provide a 3 day orientation and training for Boots on the ground responders conducted by 10,000 Fearless (Nation of Islam)
  3. ICERT will create social media campaign with My News Philly and NOGUNZONE that have vast and extensive experience on messaging to the Black Community.
  • ICERT can be mobilized and ready to activate in a two week period.


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