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Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem Announces the Launch of the Black Folks Plan Project Onboarding Technology Infrastructure with Coordinated Funding and Business Support Services

Press Release Philadelphia, PA – February 10th, 2020 – News, Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem ( announces the launch of the “Black Folks Plan Funding OnBoarding Projects Engine”. You can create an account and submit a project at:

Background / History

In 2019, Truist Bank entered into a Community Benefit Plan under which Truist Bank will lend or invest $60 billion to low and moderate income (LMI) borrowers and in LMI communities over a three-year period from 2020 through 2022. The Friends of African Union (, The African Diaspora Directorate (#AfiDiDi2063), and the Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia (BMCCP) have partnered with Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem ( to help lead the Philadelphia charge to organize, unify, and galvanize People of African Descent in the African Diaspora in the USA and bring our community development (CD) projects and small business funding requests as part of the Truist Community Benefits Plan (CBP). This is a 3-year agreement and so the clock is ticking. That does not mean the projects have to take just 3 years.

Black Folks Plan

Our communities of People of African Descent need to move quickly to get projects organized, vetted, and ready to go before Truist bank. The Friends of the African Union (FAU), the African Diaspora Directorate (AFiDiDi), the Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia (BMCCP), and Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem ( have developed a plan and solutions to lead this effort to help these community businesses create a win-win partnership with banking partners. The Support Solution that we are taking to Truist bank is called “The Black Folk’s Plan” (BFP) and in Philadelphia the #BlackfolksplanforPhiladelphia.

“The Black Folks Plan is uniquely collaborative because it brings together a ‘collective voice’ for our communities while integrating financial management accountability solutions within the support digital solutions, and built-in financial and business support experts, auditing, reporting and oversight functions to move our communities into an improved more competitive, fair economic playing field.” – Bentley Charlemagne, President and Chairman, Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem –

Black Folks Plan Project Onboarding Technology Infrastructure with Coordinated Funding and Business Support Services

The Black Folks Plan launches today the first of its kind integrated technology support platform to organize projects in Philadelphia small business projects as “ground zero” in this national initiative which will benefit communities of people of African Descent. The FAU, AFiDiDi, and BMCCP selected Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem ( as their business and technology braintrust who has developed the rail solutions that will provide business expertise consultations and support services to the participating businesses in this rollout and availability of the Black Folk Plan OnBoarding Projects Engine, powered by This is the beginning of a multi-year rollout of our global IT solutions which will connect and unify grassroots support for challenged and underserved communities nationally to empower, educate, and support the success of a new generation of businesses who will pave the way for businesses and funders to have mutual benefits and gains.

Over the next 30 days, we will engage business owners of African descent to onboard their projects (e.g. Starting a Business and / or Growing a Business, Expanding a Building, Providing New Construction / Real Estate Development, Starting and or Expanding a Nonprofit Mission, Launching a Community Event, etc.) on the platform so that your project can be included in the first wave of vetted projects to go before Truist Bank on April, 2020. We will continue to engage Truist every quarter or sooner if necessary to evaluate and underwrite projects which will help our community businesses. The projects will include submissions from both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. The engine details the types of documents which will be needed to realistically validate a project before going to Truist Bank.

Working Together to do Economic Building, People Building, and Community Building

We believe, when communities work as a collective around a common vision,

every possibility can come to fruition.”

Qme Business Solutions Ecosystem ( has created a collaborative sharing environment for the beta stage of the platform where business owners can share and upload projects in the beta stage of the platform. These business owners will be part of the first wave of people who will be utilizing the platform for the first time. The community can collaborate to enhance the output of the platform solution, share ideas, report bugs and errors, contribute and provide feedback, cross-collaborate, share resources and expertise, partner with us, create new connections, participate and host local community events.

Reporting Your Issues During The Beta Stage

Your patient understanding and feedback will allow us to respond quickly with resolutions. If you have any technical issues while the system is still in “BETA stage”, please click on “contact us” at the top of the website and send us an email. Please describe the issue and give us a “screenshot” of the issue. This will greatly help us to help you.

Team Up and Partner With Us

To Submit a Project, go to:

About FAU Friends of the African Union (FAU) is an economic, social, humanitarian, charitable, educational and civil society organization founded to work for the benefit of the African Union and the African diaspora in their host countries. The FAU is an Affiliate of the North American African Diaspora Union. The FAU Chairman is Hershel Daniels, Junior. Website:

About AFiDiDi The African Diaspora Directorate (AFiDiDi) is a civil society organization designed to serve as a catalyst to facilitate the involvement of African Diasporan peoples and organizations around the world in the affairs of the Africa Union and to develop solutions for them in the countries in which they live. Website:

About BMCCP The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia (BMCCP) are grass roots and trusted servants of the Philadelphia Black Community. Their MISSION is to Unite as black men to provide a clean, safe and secure environment for the women, children, and elders of our communities through membership and leadership that will embrace our neighborhoods with their presence and resources to uplift and empower targeted areas of Philadelphia. Website: (BMCCP)

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