Unity in The Community Traveling Family Fair”

  • Project Consensus

The consensus from the BMCCP membership, the associated organizations, and the community is that the “Boots on The Ground” outreach campaign is necessary.  The program has made incredible gains and accomplishments in a short period of time with tangible outcomes.  The positive effects that members of BMCCP see and feel with brooms, rakes, blowers in their hands cleaning the community as they witnessed transformations, appreciations, rejections, and cooperation from the three community areas the program serves is priceless.

  • Benchmarks Achieved

The BMCCP set our own benchmarks of program completion in the areas of days and hours, and number of residents effected.  The following are benchmarks achieved:

    1. 72 Days of Activity
    2. 288 hrs. weekly based on number of men in each community served
    3. 3,500 hrs. spent in total service every 90-days of campaign
    4. 3,000 Philadelphia residents effected
  • Goals & Objectives

The S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives that the BMCCP set for itself is evidenced based from the benchmarks achieved.  The goals and objectives are to provide a safe and clean environment for our women, children, and elderly.  To create an ongoing presence of responsible men in our communities.  To aid in the stopping senseless violence.  To uplift our communities with pride and integrity.  These are ongoing goals and objectives to which we are committed by being “Trusted Servants of the Black Community.”

  • Demographics Served
    1. NiceTown Area – Broad & Wingohocking to Wingohocking & Windrim
    2. 4400 & 4500 and all the in-between Streets
    3. North Central – 16th & Susquehanna Avenue to 22nd & Susquehanna Avenue
    4. 22nd Dauphin Streets to 16th & Dauphin Streets
    5. 2200 & 2300 and all the in-between Streets
    6. North Central/East Side – 12th & Cumberland Streets to 12th & Cambria Streets
    7. 11th & Cumberland Streets to 11th & Cambria Streets
    8. 2400 & 2500 and all the in-between Streets
  • Unity in The Community Traveling Family Fair

Based on the success of our “Boots on The Ground” outreach cleanup campaign, we are proposing to move to the second phase of community outreach by creating the “Unity in The Community Traveling Family Fair.”  The Traveling Family Fair event will take place in the three designated areas of the Boots on the Ground outreach cleanup campaign.  The ingredients for the Traveling Family Fare will be food, entertainment, family-oriented games, community organization information tables, health screenings, invited youth speakers (with a strong message for the youth in our community), giveaways, gift cards and gift packages will be provided to the community.  We envision that the Unity in The Community Traveling Family Fair will take place over the course of one weekend in June 2021, from Friday to Sunday, hours from 1pm to 5pm.

The following represents the production equipment required:

    • 16′ by 20′ skirted stage
    • Concert PA system
    • 25, 6′ by 6′ tables
    • 150 chairs
    • Five canopies


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